American Bassoon Playing (questions from an American)


I am curious to know what people outside of the US know about American bassoon playing. Are you familiar with any American bassoonists? Who? How would you describe the American style of playing?
I am American but have been more interested in the “European” style of playing for many, man years now.



Hi Nick,

Before I put my own opinion, I would also wonder what you think of “European” style playing… I don’t know many American to bassoon players as acquaintances, however from what I hear from the recordings, the American bassoonists tend to have a timbre close to that of an oboe’s. Or rather of a cor anglais. It might have something to do with a different reed shape or scraping, or a different style of diaphragm technique.

Also, it is my personal opinion that I find the usage of vibrato much more uniform across the whole playing in American performers, while I observe the European players use vibrato in a varying manner, according to the phrasing, or don’t use vibrato at all in certain passages.

I would be happy if you reflect your thoughts on the matter too :slight_smile:
All the best,