Argendonax tube cane


Hi folks!
I just tried Argendonax tube cane and I’m happy about the results so far.
The thing is that I have ordered it few years ago and now it’s sold out (through the official resseller)
Does anybody have a contact with original source in Argentina?
Thanks in advance!


Hi mate, this might be what you are looking for:


Thanks, unfortunately tube cane is sold out in this website…


You are right, did you try contacting them through email, facebook, twitter etc. ?

Their twitter page shows no new tweets since 3 months. Either they have gone completely out of business or just waiting for a new stock… Let me know if you find out anything, i would love to try their cane as well…


Btw, do you know some Chinese tube cane worth trying?


I used to play with these K.GE Tube Cane
You can try them. I’m experimeting with alot of other cane at the moment…
I think we should start another topic and list all the cane from different countries with links and perhaps cane characteristics… It would be very useful…