[Review] Lightest Gigbag ever made!


Hi everyone,

I have been at Tutti-Fagotti in Hamburg/Germany this weekend and found out about this new Gigbag designed by them.

The case is extremely light compared to other cases but still has alot of padding to protect your instrument. It has space for two bocals, a small bag with two compartments which is big enought for a small reed case, cleaning swabs and perhaps a few tools to adjust your reeds… And of course space for your sheet music… It’s available both for classic and gentleman model bassoons.

Gigbag weighs only 1.3 kg, I think it’s the lightest bassoon case ever made… It’s made of premium materials and feels very solid. Shoulder strap is very comfortable, the case is water-repellent but I would definitely get a rain cover if It rains alot where you live. There are appearently two colors available, plain black or black/blue, hopefully there will be more color options in the future and a complimentary fitting rain cover :blush:

Full specs:

High protection with minimal weight!

• high protection through padding

• Inside, straps and straps with Velcro straps adds extra safety to the instrument

• All parts of the instrument are separated by integrated foam

• two padded pockets for Bocals

• extra case for accessories

• External pocket made of stretchy material for oversize notes

• stable and smooth zipper

• made of durable and rain-repellent material

• Length 590mm x width 190mm x height 190mm; Weight only 1.30kg

• available in black / black or black / blue

It costs 179 Euros inclusive Tax.

Here is the link for more details and to order: Tutti-Fagotti